happy new year

happy new year! we had a long overdue vacation over the holidays and spent 3 weeks with family and friends in AZ and CA. back in NYC & we feel recharged for a wonderful 2012! we had some great meals at old favorites like gulfstream, amazing fish tacos at bear flag fish co. and a great dinner in phoenix at noca.

we're working on lots of fun projects we can't wait to share and are feeling inspired by the large stack of cookbooks from our xmas list - especially excited to start cooking and baking from momofuku milk bar, off the menu, & american flavor. before looking forward, it's always good to look back as big leo did for a year of photos - we were so happy to be a part of creating many of these beautiful images over the year!

for the healthy breakfast inspiration above, andrew shot the fit to eat feature from the january 2012 issue of martha stewart living. enjoy!


Irene said...

Mmmh, looks delicious!

bea masters said...

how wonderful to read this while that issue of martha stewart living is sitting on the dining table next to me! i love that i can just flip to those pages and see your beautiful photography!

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

oh there is nothing quite like a holiday, i'm glad you were energised by it.

amazing photography.

xo em

Jim Stark said...

Try the Corn Cookie recipe in the "milk bar" book if you haven't. Delicious!


AC said...

Love it! Gorgeous post.

Jimy viktan said...

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Sansa said...

intense beauty..Love your blog it is great

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