santa barbara

here are a couple tears from the santa barbara magazine we got in the mail yesterday.  on the left, a shot of the beautiful begonias i was able to shoot a few months back.  everything i shot that day was stunning, all the colors were just mesmerizing.  on the right are a few shots i took from todd mossman antiques and design.  todd was nice enough to let me photograph some of his amazing treasures.  it's always nice when a subject has a passion for the things you are photographing.  thanks to all the girls at sb mag for doing such a wonderful job with this magazine issue to issue.  check out the current issue with a gorgeous cover shot by the wonderful and talented coral von zumwalt.

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Alina said...

Gorgeous photos, especially those begonias! And I agree, nothing is more satisfying to photograph that that which is loved so passionately by it's owner and has a great history. I'm hoping to photograph some antiques here in the next few weeks.