pretty in pink

here's a bright refreshing cocktail for you since the weather seems to be warm everywhere now. this drink is inspired by something similar we had before dinner here and is kind of a ramped up greyhound proper, one of our favorite go-to beverages. a splash of aperol gives it a unique flavor. it's an italian aperitif we've been seeing more of lately and is also a great addition to a glass of champagne. enjoy this cocktail on a sunny patio or rooftop deck with friends and check out a crab & corn appetizer recipe here on friday that would go perfectly. cheers!

Pretty in Pink
5 oz fresh grapefruit juice
2 oz gin
1.5 oz aperol
5 drops bitters
combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. pour over ice into a highball glass and serve.


Ash said...

"ramped up greyhound proper"?!?! ... ok, now you have my attentions. I must have this.

Anonymous said...

My husband is the barkeep in this house, so I'm going to pass this recipe on to him. Then I will demand he make it for me!


Catherine said...

yes please! I'm going to make this tomorrow afternoon, and try to survive the texas heat.

Josephine Tournier Ingram said...

the drink sounds yummy. love the pics too.

Anonymous said...

This drink looks refresh.I love this blog.

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nikole said...

this looks great!

ryskt said...

I used basil infused Aperol (left over from a summer punch), and this cocktail was a big hit. Tip: Make a pitcher and hand it to your friends, it won't last long.