salting, smoking, curing, cooking

once in a while you come across a place in your travels that just makes you feel a little better. in this case, it was a place that made us feel a lot better.  these pics are some outtakes from a story we shot last week of the fatted calf in napa, ca, a place that you can only fall in love with.   i guess i should re-state that, if you are a meat eater, this is a place you would fall in love with. the product they serve is not only plentiful, but is top, top quality.  everything we tasted was off the charts tasty, the service outstanding, and had the feel of old time butcher shop with a modern twist.  from home made cured meats to ready to go home duck confit.  if you are ever in downtown napa and are near the oxbow market, take a peek at this perfect charcuterie heaven.