in my family the first sign of summer, or even spring in our case now, is a call for getting on the water and having a great relaxing time.  we actually had some sun in l.a. this week and it really put us in that mood.  this drink is really one that i hold close to my heart.  my grandfather and father are my ambassadors to rum, which is what our boat usually has in stock.  as rum comes in many variations and almost mixes with anything, it is something that can't be beat for its affordable price.  now as much as I respect my grandpa and dad's love for all things myers rum, and even just some mount gay rum on the rocks, i have to put a little different twist on things.  the cubalibre, which is spanish for "free cuba," is a drink that most of us tag as the u.s. form of rum and coke. although very similar, this drink requires much more lime and the additions of two very necessary ingredients, mount gay extra old rum and a mexican coke.  these are essential in the right flavor, as they will make you wonder how you really drank all those captain morgan and cokes in the first place.  we like to combine the coke and rum in a pitcher and pour over ice and the lime juice for a group.  the recipe below is for a single drink. cheers!


1oz lime juice, fresh squeezed
5oz mexican coca-cola
2oz mount gay extra old rum
pour all ingredients over ice in a highball glass.  mix well, garnish with additional lime wedge.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the kickin' recipe!
By the way, where did you find the pitcher with the red markings? VERY NICE....

Catherine said...

Thank you once again, for taking a classic recipe and kicking it up a notch.

the purcells said...
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the purcells said...

craig we got the pither at a thrift store - great place to look for vintage kitchenware!

Sarah said...

Where can you find Mexican coke?

Paystyle said...

You can find Mexican Coke at any Mexican grocer, which of course depends on whether your city has one, or you can go to But one note of caution: not all Mexican Coke is the same. The one you want will say on the ingredient label that it's made w/sugar, as opposed to high fructose corn syrup, which some Mexican Cokes, like their American counterparts have. So be sure to read the label.

Also, I like to muddle the limes rather than just squeezing the juice. It adds a nice dimension to get some of the lime oil from the peel.