gin & ginger

a few weeks ago before going to see this wonderful author & chef speak in santa barbara (which was great!), we spent a little time in the kitchen creating a new cocktail with our friend jen. she dubbed our refreshing discovery the giny gin gin and you'll see why once you take a look at the simple list of ingredients. i'd love to be snobby and tell you to make this cocktail with a fancy spicy ginger beer or ginger brew but we've tried it both ways and good old Vernors ginger ale is best. does anyone recognize where we collected these great orange stir sticks from? i'll give you a hint - sand on our feet, salt water on our skin and many many mai tais.

The Giny Gin Gin

1.5 oz top shelf gin, such as Hendricks
1 oz domaine de canton ginger liquer
4 oz ginger ale
juice of 1/2 lime
pour all ingredients over ice in a highball glass and mix well. garnish with additional lime wedge if desired.


spilling beauty said...

i know what i'm doing this weekend now!
thank you for the inspiration.

jen gotch said...

i was just thinking about this. ha! you guys beat me to it. i'm saving up to buy the ingredients, so i can drink it all summer. xo

Anonymous said...

Yum--I LOVE that Canton Ginger liqueur. I often just put a splash in vodka over the rocks--but this would be so very much better.

Cori said...

This recipe looks fab! Canton is one of my two new favorite liquers (the other being St. Germain). Isn't cocktail inventing awesome with friends around?

PS I love your highball glasses.

kb. said...

i make my own ginger vodka and it is the best, most amazing, simplest thing ever. put slabs of ginger in a bottle, pour vodka over, leave bottle in sunshine for a week or more.

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