the greek burger

for the final entry of our unofficial burger week, we decided to go with classic mediterranean flavors. it's like a lamb kebab and a greek salad together on a bun and we call it the greek burger. it was so much fun coming up with different out of the box burger recipes that we're thinking we will definitely need to post more of our creations throughout the summer, so stay tuned. we are off to the hot sun of palm springs for the weekend - have a great weekend!

The Greek Burger

cracked wheat bun
ground lamb patty with crumbled feta
cucumber, yogurt and mint tzatziki
thinly sliced red onion
mache or arugula
sliced tomato (optional)


jen jafarzadeh said...

that's my kind of burger!

Catherine said...

loved burger week. This greek burger was my favorite. Can't wait to try it.

Jackie said...

yum lamb is my favorite meat. It's so tasty.

Stephanie Maris said...

I'm half greek and I really enjoyed this one! Couldn't get through a whole one, but my guy definitely devoured two and a half!!
Great recipe <3

desperate.viz said...

I just discovered your blog, and I'll be keeping you in my feeds and links, i love your pics and recipes!

This burger is genious!

See you soon!