even though there isn't much booze in them, these are popsicles for adults only! limoncello is an italian liqueur made with loads of fresh lemons and traditionally served after dinner as a digestivo. we used to think all limoncellos were equal, until we tasted this one from just down the coast in ventura - it's vibrant and fresh like no other we've ever sipped. these popsicles would be a perfect after dinner refreshment on a hot summer night - the texture is similar to sorbet and they melt rather quickly so don't linger too long. enjoy!

Limoncello Popsicles
makes 10

1 1/2 cups water
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup limoncello
1 cup fresh lemon juice
in a small saucepan, combine water and sugar and bring to a boil, stirring, until sugar dissolves. remove from the heat and let cool. add limoncello and lemon juice and stir to combine. pour into popsicle molds and freeze for an hour. insert popsicle sticks and freeze overnight.


The Single Gal said...

It's official - between this & the last page of this month's Gourmet magazine, I have developed a serious "adult popsicle" craving!

Anonymous said...

I say if jello shots have had their moment in the sun, these popsicles are poised to take over. Seriously, these are a great dessert idea for adults. However, it would be tricky to explain to the kids why they can't have just a lick, so a good idea would be to have kid-friendly pops on hand as well (if, of course, you are going to have kids themselves on hand).

Anyway, I found you on TasteSpotting and am writing to say that if you have any photos that aren’t accepted there, I’d love to publish them. Visit my new site (below), it’s a lot of fun! I hope you will consider it.


jen said...


chika said...

Hello there - I just can't take my eyes off these! I love using limoncello in desserts, but this one sounds like an ultimate limoncello treat. Like The Single Gal, I'm in the mood for adult popsicles, big time! (Loved that last page of the magazine, too!) :)

Jen said...

oh dear...

Charlie in Bali said...

sitting in the bali sun
sipping on a lemon juice
wanting something else
and then your post comes past the window
cant wait to try the recipe
thank you xx

Jenae said...

I LOVE these pictures

dame de lotus said...

I'm just coming back from a trip in Sorrento and i've brought back a bottle of limoncello, and now you give me the perfect way to try it!
loves said...

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