on the road again

we are in our favorite city for the holiday. it's one of our favorite cities for so many reasons but mostly for the food and food related things. we've been to the ferry building multiple times already, had lots of blue bottle coffee, eaten here and here and done some great shopping. but one of our absolute favorites is town hall,where we ate this evening. it's always a treat! we are doing all the cooking on thursday and are heading to farmer's market in the morning to get as much as we can. getting excited to start cooking the more we look at the menu! we'll definitely try to post some pictures of the big event but i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving. for now, enjoy the amazing antique collage at town hall and the beautiful view of the bay bridge from just across our window.


Anonymous said...
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menghilangkan komedo said...

Is that picture of a woman on the wall? You have a sharp eyes :)