the greatest day... opening day.  in our household, not many days can compare with the opening day of the major league baseball season.  for most it's a fresh start for their team, as it is for us, but an added bonus is the start of the sights and smells of summer.  for my money, there is nothing better than a dog and a beer at any ball park in america.  there is just something about that classic combination, the crack of the bat, the cheer of the crowd and the opportunity for our angels to win it all this year.  this special year has the addition of the new yankees and new mets stadiums, which bring a new blend of the idea of food and sport together.  truly game changing stuff out there - we can't wait to partake in some ny baseball this year.  pictures above are a couple of dogs, on the left a chicago dog from a spring training game in arizona this year, and on the right, our version of our favorite dog (suggested below).  anyway you slice it, a dog tastes great at a game so get out there and have a few.  here is to celebrating the dog days of summer, no pun intended.  GO ANGELS!!!

the purcell dog

hebrew national beef knockwurst (our must have dog)
grilled chopped onion
heinz ketchup
gulden's spicy brown mustard
bread and butter pickle slices
oroweat country potato hot dog bun
add all or some of these to your favorite dog.  these ingredients are our favorite to put on a dog at home.  everyone has a different taste, make it your best.


Catherine said...

Maybe my favorite post ever. Thank you for celebrating dogs and beers. Never a better combination.

Cori said...

Baseball season encompasses so much goodness! I am a baseball AND softball player/fan myself, so the start of MLB rings special to me, too! Baseball games are one of the few times nacho cheese sauce is considered edible and possibly even sought out. Your photos are always so interesting and beautiful!

Rachel said...

your food life is beautiful!

Josephine Tournier Ingram said...

yes please - I'll take two purcell dogs. yumm.
go angels!