urban family easter

as another year starts rushing by, easter comes screaming in.  we love easter for many reasons, and besides the obvious we love it for our yearly tradition of urban family easter.  we are on our 4th year and it gets better every time.  we always have the same system; friends bring the champagne and we do the food.  as we speak, we are cooking away, full of great tastes.  here are just a couple of sneak peeks of what we will blog about all week.  the bowl from mixing chocolate for a sweet and salty cake from the guys of baked in new york, and a sink full of dirty dishes from a bunch of other fun recipes.  we are making a martha stewart inspired ham to a bunch of sides we will share with great pics throughout the week, so stay tuned.  happy easter!!


Visually Inspired said...

so excited for urban family easter!!!
we look forward to this feast all year long...! :)

Mark Scarbrough said...

Can't wait to see the ham recipe. Especially after having eaten it for so many months! And the sides, too.

Anonymous said...

your urban family is a lucky bunch ;)