all american

happy memorial day everyone!!!  since it looks as though the entire editorial world is burger happy these days, we decided to do a little burger week here at pictures & pancakes.  today is a great day to kick it off with all the grilling going on, and we thought it fitting to have our all-american burger be the first.  a simple, juicy burger to satisfy your bbq needs.  we are also experimenting for the first time in a long time with a friend's 4x5 camera - thanks megan.  it couldn't be more fun, i think i just fell in love with photography all over again.  so this week will feature 4x5 images of different burgers.  we hope this inspires you to eat and fall in love with something of your own!

The All-American Burger

sesame seed bun
thousand island dressing
thick sliced beefsteak tomato
ground sirloin patty, seasoned with salt & pepper
sharp cheddar cheese
applewood smoked niman ranch bacon
caramelized onions


Dana said...

When does your BBQ start? This sounds de-lish!

Megan Humphreys said...

Hey, thanks for the plug -- I'm so glad you are giving that camera some use! Looking forward to some tasty grilling this weekend :)

h. hart said...

Drool!! Good choice on the Niman bacon...

kitchen mom said...

Oooo my mouth is watering!

jen gotch said...

burger looks amazing. shot is phenomenal. drooling ensues.