the pig burger

when planning out a burger week, i think we might have had a list of choices twelve to fourteen deep.  when narrowing them down, we had a discussion about whether a burger has to be beef or if the only suitable substitute is turkey or veggie.  we came to the conclusion that if its ground, it can be a burger.  well, to a point i guess.  here we wanted to bring a variation of a sort of pulled pork sandwich, but with a burger twist.  in our minds we nailed it, but it is all up to personal interpretation.  again we just have a list of what we had involved, but feel free to add and take away as you wish.

The Pig Burger

onion bun
honey mustard
ground pork and chorizo patty (2 parts pork, 1 part chorizo)
thick & sweet bbq sauce
sweet dill pickle slices


Dallas Shaw said...

love tour blog. not a great cook- but want to be!


tres jolie said...

I have made a version of this before but without the pickle. Will have to try it your way next time. Beautiful photo, you even make a burger look pretty!

jen said...

andrew purcell . . . you go with your bad self.

Fraiche Ash said...

Charlie Barley said...

picture me making this tomorrow!