midweek drink

i know its only wednesday but our need for a tasty cocktail is here.  i was shooting a wine/liqueur store for a story yesterday in orange county and the temptation was just too much.  over the weekend we had a little taste of st-germain elderflower liqueur so at this store we jumped all over it.  it has a sweet slightly floral taste.  we knew at first gulp we needed to add it to a new drink of the week.  and although we know we have over flooded you with mint recently, we couldn't overlook the fact that we have it growing so well in our garden boxes right now.  so we used the mint.  we made a orange flavored mojito accompanied by a little bit of that st-germain flavor which can replace the need for simple sugar.  the finished product can be a little bit on the sweet side for some, so add a dash of your favorite bitters if you so desire.

st-germain orange mojito

2oz white rum
2oz st-germain liqueur
2oz fresh squeezed orange juice
10 mint leaves 
2oz or so soda water to top
dash of bitters(optional)
place mint and st-germain in a cocktail shaker and muddle until mint is slightly bruised.  add rum, orange juice and ice and shake to mix.  pour all contents into glass and top with soda water.  if slightly too sweet, add a dash of bitters. enjoy


tara said...

I'll definitely be looking out for St. Germain liqueur. How perfect this looks for a lazy afternoon - Wednesday or weekend.

anya said...

Midweek drinks are a must!

Claire said...


Milwaukee Cupcake Queen said...

Hooray for St. Germaine creativity! One of my favorites!

Sespeirs said...

the drink sounds great but I want the glass and decanter too. What is the source of them?

Casey said...

I would also like to know where you found the glassware.

the purcells said...

the cocktail shaker is from maison midi ( but not sure if they still carry it. the glasses are a lucky ebay find!

Anonymous said...

I, too, love the glasses and shakers! But I also think I will love the delicious liquid residing within... St. Germaine is one of my faves, and my mint is going crazy this spring!

Anonymous said...